Level Seven Clothing trades under the name Level Seven Projects Pty Ltd and was formed in 2011 with the mission to launch a truly Australian brand. After months of development Level Seven Clothing launched their online store to the market place in April 2012. In a very short time we have had not only a positive response back from the market place but the brand has started to carve its own niche within the market place, with sales to represent that.

Level Seven has a company wide focus to develop quality garmets made in Australia. Developing not only a superior line of clothes for the world market but also to develop a culture along the way. Level Seven went through an intense development process when choosing the third parties to partner with and are constantly working with these partners to not only further develop and streamline the manufacturing process but to also ensure that the products are made to the highest quality.

Level Seven has also noticed the change in the way in which the market views and purchases the end product. With an ever changing market, Level Seven has already been noted to be a leader in the way social media and new media is utilised to bring the ethos of Level Seven Clothing to the people.

Level Seven is also embarking on a team development strategy, the company has sourced a Team Manager in ex WQS Surfer Sam Watson and we aim to seek out young up and coming athletes from all sports and walks of life to represent the brand in the years to come. Level Seven wants to ensure that we are supporting up and coming athletes to build a strong team for the future. We want the brand Level Seven to grow with them and their careers.

Throughout 2013 Level Seven aims to grow and develop new products, sub brands, team members and the business itself.

Level Seven is actively interested in potential investors. For any new company trying to make a difference and with the ambition to grow, getting support from people that have a similar passion and ambition is the key to that strategy.

If you are interested or would like to learn more about possible investment into Level Seven please download the company prospectus, or email us directly


Level Seven, PO Box 23394, Docklands, Victoria, 8012
Level Seven is owned and operated in Melbourne, Australia.